The following are the key benefits for Ferguson employees. If this doesn’t answer your questions, give us a call.

Health Insurance

Ferguson offers health insurance benefits through Aetna. Benefits are effective on the first day of the first full month after the date of employment.

There are three plans from which to choose. There is the traditional PPO plan, a PPO plan that excludes the BJC Network (with the same coverage as the PPO plan, just the BJC Network carved out) and a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

All plans cover preventative care at 100%.

The PPO plan in-network benefits include a $25 co-payment for primary care office visits, and a $75 co-payment for specialist office visit after deductible has been met. Inpatient and outpatient hospital services are covered at 100% after deductible until the out-of-pocket maximum is reached. Out-of-network benefits are available at reduced benefit levels. The plan includes a three-tier prescription drug benefit. The co-payment is $10 for a generic drug, $35 for a brand name drug, and $60 for a non-formulary drug when obtained at a plan pharmacy. A mail-order benefit is offered, enabling participants to order a 3-month supply of a prescription at a discounted rate for generic and brand-name drugs.

The employee’s costs are as follows, per bi-weekly pay period:

Benefit LevelPPOPPO (BJC Network Excluded)High Deductible Health Plan

Payroll deductions are on a pre-tax basis through our Section 125 plan.

The HDHP works without co-pays until the deductible has been met. The patient is responsible for the cost of the office visit, medical procedure or prescription drug until their deductible has been met. With this plan the employee can open a Health Savings Account (HSA) and deposit pretax dollars through payroll deductions. The HSA allows the participant to pay for qualified medical expenses with pre-tax dollars. The HDHP also has lower premium costs. The HSA works like a savings account, except that it must be used for qualified medical expenses.


Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is available at a minimal cost to employees through Aetna. The costs are below, through a pretax bi-weekly payroll deduction:

Benefit LevelEmployee Portion Per Paycheck

Benefits are effective on the first of the month following the date of employment. The Aetna plan covers 100% of preventive services, 90% of basic restorative services, and 60% of major restorative services if performed by an In-Network provider. Coverage lessens to 80% and 50%, respectively, for basic and major services if performed by an Out-of-Network provider. A $50 deductible applies for basic and major services. The maximum benefit per person per year is $1,500.


Life Insurance

Ferguson provides group Term Life and AD&D insurance coverage equal to your annual salary (up to a maximum of $100,000) through Mutual of Omaha plus the ability to purchase additional term life and/or AD&D coverage at group rates through payroll deductions. This coverage is guaranteed-issue, which means that no medical questions will be asked. Short- and long-term disability protection is included with this coverage and is discussed below.


Disability Insurance

Ferguson provides both Short-Term and Long-Term Disability protection for all employees through the Mutual of Omaha group Term Life and AD&D insurance plan mentioned above. Disability means that, because of injury or illness, an individual can’t perform each of the material and substantial duties of his or her regular occupation.

Short-term disability coverage starts on the 15th day following the last day worked prior to the disability and pays 60% of the employee’s earnings, to a maximum of $1,000 per week for up to six months. Long-term disability insurance begins after six months of disability and pays 60% of the employee’s salary, to a maximum of $10,000 per month. Long-term disability benefits are payable to age 65.


Vision Insurance

Ferguson offers a voluntary Vision Plan to all employees through Aetna. The plan offers low co-pays for annual vision exams and lenses, allowances for elective contact lenses and frames, and significant discounts on other materials and laser correction surgery.


FCI Bonus System

FCI offers a bonus plan that rewards employees who contribute to the bottom line of the Company. To receive a share of the bonus pool, an employee must be on Ferguson’s payroll by September 30 of the plan year and meet billable hours and utilization benchmarks. Employees hired during the year, but prior to September 30 of the plan year will receive a pro-rated share based upon the number of full months worked during the plan year.


401(k) Retirement Savings Plan

FCI offers a 401(k) retirement savings plan through Fidelity for all employees. The plan allows employees to invest pre-tax or after-tax (Roth) dollars (up to a maximum of $19,000 for 2019) into a variety of investment options. Ferguson will currently match $0.60 on each dollar contributed by an employee, up to 6% of their salary. Employees must be employed on December 31 of each plan year to be eligible for the match.

Employees 50 years of age or older can also take advantage of the Catch-Up contribution, which allows an employee to defer additional pre-tax or after-tax (Roth) dollars (up to $6,000 for 2019) into their 401(k) account. Employer Matching contributions are not made on Catch-Up contributions.

Employees must be at least 21 years of age for entry into the 401(k) plan. FCI uses a five year vesting schedule for the employer match, 20% per active year. A year of service is defined as a calendar year during which an employee works at least 1,000 hours.

Investment advice pertaining to the plan is available at no charge through Moneta Group, a local investment advisory firm.


Paid Time Off (PTO) Benefits

The PTO plan provides employees with a bank of PTO days each year that employees can earn or accrue. Employees can draw on this bank to meet needs for events such as vacation, holidays, illness, and personal emergencies. PTO may also be used for appointments that fall within normal working hours.

FCI allows for 160 hours of PTO for any employee employed as of January 1 of a given year. Employees with 10 consecutive years of service are advanced an additional 40 hours of PTO per year—totaling 200 annually. These hours can be used at any time during the year.

PTO will be accrued on a bi-weekly basis consistent with payroll runs. Employees with 160 hours will accrue PTO at a rate of 6.15 hours per paycheck. Employees with 200 hours will accrue PTO at a rate of 7.69 hours per paycheck. Employees can borrow from unearned PTO during the year but not from future years.

At the end of each year, employees can choose reimbursement for unused PTO or carry over up to forty (40) earned, unused hours into the following year.


Training Allowance

All employees are provided with a minimum $2,000 training allowance which is accrued on a monthly basis. This allowance can be utilized for required client training or training arranged through Ferguson. As new technology needs arise at our clients, we incorporate appropriate training into our internal training program and/or facilitate external training as needed. Ferguson will also reimburse for technical books, computer-based training, and certification expenses.

Ferguson’s in-house classes cover a wide range of topics including Project Management, Business Analysis, Mobile Development (including iOS and Android), .NET, Java, advanced Microsoft Office technologies (including Access, Excel and Project), database technologies, etc. We only utilize reputable training providers, including the Center for the Application of Information Technology at Wash U (CAIT), IconATG and Premier Knowledge Solutions. We also provide language training for employees for whom English is their second language. This is taught one-on-one at our office by a graduate-level Language Specialist from UMSL. We encourage all employees to enroll in at least two of Ferguson’s in-house courses per year.

We view continuing education as directly linked to providing quality consulting services and as a necessary long-term investment in our employees. We’re committed to ensuring that all employees take advantage of this program to enhance and expand their current skills and marketability.


Referral Bonus

Ferguson offers an incentive to employees for referring other IT professionals to us. If such a referral is hired and remains billable with us for six months, the employee who made the referral will be awarded a $1,000 bonus. The bonus only applies to first-time hires.


Direct Deposit

Ferguson offers direct deposit to employees. We pay our staff every two weeks on Friday morning, for a total of 26 pay periods per year.


Cafeteria Plan

A tax-saving benefit offered Ferguson employees is the Section 125 or "cafeteria plan." This plan currently allows pre-tax deductions of an employee’s contribution toward health insurance. With its FSA (Flexible Spending Account) option it also allows pre-tax deferral of wages up to $5,000 per year for Dependent Care and up to $2,400 per year for Unreimbursed Medical and Dental expenses.


City Earnings Tax

Ferguson covers the 1% St. Louis City earnings tax for employees who live outside the St. Louis City limits but are working on a staff augmentation assignment at a downtown client site.



I have confidence in Ferguson’s management and their values. I have always felt treated as a person, not a number.

— Ferguson employee since 2005

Ferguson has always been proactive about lining up my next assignment and getting me the best rate possible.

— Ferguson employee since 2000

Ferguson's management and staff take a sincere interest in the careers of their consultants. They understand the industry like no other firm I have worked for.

— Ferguson employee since 2008

Ferguson works hard laying the groundwork so that it’s easy for the consultant to succeed on the assignment.

— A Ferguson employee since 1994