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Our approach to IT is straightforward. We focus on meticulous implementation for our clients and successful careers for our employees.

For over two decades Ferguson Consulting has helped clients implement IT-centric solutions that improve operations, expand customer service, reduce costs, and automate routine processes. We achieve exceptional results because Ferguson’s IT professionals are highly skilled analysts, project managers, and developers, particularly in the .NET and Java stacks. We help them maintain that excellence with a market-leading training program that emphasizes both technical and people skills.

Our Solutions Group delivers expert capability for clients looking to outsource turnkey, fixed-cost IT projects.

Staff Augmentation gives clients the flexibility to staff up when necessary and adjust to changing business needs.

We hire experienced IT professionals whose technical and personal skills as analysts, project managers, and developers lead to compatibility with client expectations.



Note-taking and Other Professional Organization Characteristics

You are expected to be very organized. Careful note-taking in all meetings is a must.more...

Prioritizing and Estimating

Prioritizing and estimating are two of the most important skills a professional can possess.more...