The Ferguson Difference – Operations Support

We strive to develop a professional relationship with each employee – and that is what you are, our direct employee.

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We strive to develop a professional relationship with each employee – and that is what you are, our direct employee. We are proud of our association with you and are devoted to you and your technical career. As a W-2 employee, your first assignment will be just that – the first of many. Our goal is to establish a long-term employee relationship with you. One of the ways we do this is by assigning you to an operations manager who will regularly meet with you over the course of your assignment and assist in building you a career that spans multiple clients and industries. Each new client and consulting assignment will be one step in your career. Ongoing training is extremely important given our industry and its needs. We think we are more supportive in this area than any of our competition. If you choose not to participate in our training options, you are seriously shortchanging your career and earning potential. When you begin your employment with us you will participate in a new-employee orientation (a look at best practices that have been developed based on 18+ years of experience in the industry with our clients).

After your new-employee orientation we will regularly schedule one-on-one meetings with you where we discuss your current assignment. We will review project progress, the project milestones, your role, the project challenges and any broader issues or concerns you may have for your assignment. We will discuss, when appropriate, the end-of-assignment date, your vision/goals, your overall satisfaction with the assignment, the client, etc. These meetings are also a good time to discuss your technical career track and any changes you would like to make regarding such. As noted above, most initial assignments are longer term and clients will try to retain your services indefinitely (security blanket). This is not always in your best interest. The most significant advantage in joining Ferguson is the opportunity to do new things. After a discussion with you, and when a decision has been made to change assignments, we will begin marketing you six to eight weeks prior to your end date to ensure an optimal next assignment and no downtime between assignments. This is something we are good at and have been doing for 18 years and typically there is no downtime between client re-assignments. In other words: we manage it.

Adding Value

Finding solutions to your client's technical and business problems is a critical part of your job description.

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Finding solutions to your client’s technical and business problems is a critical part of your job description. The client has brought you into their world with the hope and expectation that you will add value and take ownership of any problem presented to you. Anything less will be perceived as falling short of expectations and will come into play when Ferguson submits a bill rate increase from the client.

Never forget that your pay rate is directly tied to your bill rate and your bill rate is directly tied to your performance on the job. All of our clients require justification when we request a bill rate increase. So our ability to depict your performance in the most favorable manner, demonstrating instances where you have gone beyond, is essential to the process of securing your next pay rate increase. The most difficult aspects of your job, whether they be technical or related to the business, provide the greatest opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from your peers. Your willingness, even eagerness, to problem solve and do whatever you can to assist your client with anything that comes their way will be greatly appreciated and remembered. The IT resource who is able to add the most value above and beyond the minimum requirements of what is expected is the resource who will be rewarded most in both remuneration and opportunity. Stepping outside of what is expected, and giving more attention to what the client needs you to do, is the mark of a true professional.

Your Operations Manager and Account Manager are resources you can leverage to assist with problem solving. They may not be able to help directly but they can be a good sounding board or give you the opportunity to review and discuss with an objective outsider.


I have confidence in Ferguson’s management and their values. I have always felt treated as a person, not a number.

— Ferguson employee since 2005

Ferguson has always been proactive about lining up my next assignment and getting me the best rate possible.

— Ferguson employee since 2000

Ferguson's management and staff take a sincere interest in the careers of their consultants. They understand the industry like no other firm I have worked for.

— Ferguson employee since 2008

Ferguson works hard laying the groundwork so that it’s easy for the consultant to succeed on the assignment.

— A Ferguson employee since 1994

In the Solutions Group we operate from an ‘end product with certainty’ perspective. It can be challenging to guarantee total satisfaction to our client, but it’s immensely rewarding to deliver on that promise.

— Solutions Group employee